Darshan Academy, Sundargarh

Poetry Fest 2020

Like previous years, the Poetry fest was organized from 7th to 8th October 2019 as scheduled. The event is organized every year with a view to igniting young minds to express their literary talents in their formative years. A poetry recitation competition was held for the students of std I to std VIII and a poem writing competition was held for the students of std III & VIII. The first poem writing competition was held. The topic of poem writing completion was the seven virtues presented in the spiritual curriculum. Students have composed poems on the Vegetarian diet, selfless service, Non-violence, Love, and peace. 

On the second day of the poetry fest, a poem recitation competition was held. The poems were based on Maharaj Ji and spiritualism. With the support and guidance of the teachers and house masters, students recited the poems in very unique ways. The participants were judged on the criteria of Pronunciation & accent, Expression, and feelings. All together fifty-seven students gave their best to recite the poem. 


"Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream transforms into thoughts and thoughts result in action. "