Darshan Academy, Sundargarh

Principal's Message

Mr. Prasanna
Mr. Prasanna Kumar Pulakandam

It has been a great honour and privilege to be the Principal of Darshan Academy, Sundargarh and a member of its leadership team for more than a year. Darshan Academy has garnered the reputation of being an excellent educational institution of academic rigor, possessing a broad and well-balanced spiritual curriculum. It has an exemplary student-centred approach, and innovative teaching strategies.

We aim to spark intellectual curiosity and inculcate the spirit and love of learning within a family orientated environment. We endorse a personalized learning approach, wherein students feel secure through being recognised as unique individuals.  Their unique potentials to meet the needs and challenges of modern life are recognised and nurtured.

Our school is also proud of its commitment to creating generations of peacemakers. Its broad vision and noble mission are always evident.  Academic excellence and character building in our students are our unswerving goals. The well-rounded academic and co-curricular programme enables the students to attain their maximum potential and develop sound work habits. The academic work is centred around highly personalized attention and supervision.

Our committed and dedicated staff are the driving force behind our Academy.  We devote time and effort to the development of our teaching staff. We strive for continuous improvement which is augmented by a supportive and centralized team of experts. We believe in a strong partnership between students, parents, and staff. We believe communication should always be positive and conducive to the progress of our children.  Effective collaboration with our parents’ community helps in providing students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and experiences that encourage the development of well-rounded and socially aware students who can be active participants in their societies.

I am looking forward to consolidating our parent-school partnership throughout the year.

Mr. Prasanna Kumar Pulakandam

Principal, Darshan Academy Sundargarh