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Love and Kindness Week

(February 20, 2018)

Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness was celebrated at Darshan Academy Dasuya from 5 to 10 February, 2018. The motive behind celebrating the week was to encourage students to lend a helping hand and inculcate the feelings of love and kindness within themselves. Many activities were performed during this week.
  1. On 5 Feb 2018 Special assembly was performed by the students.
  2. On 7 Feb 2018 Inter-house debate competition was organized on the theme “Love and Kindness.”
  3. On 8-9 Feb 2018 Roti and donation drive was organized. Students as well as staff members brought chapattis from home along with some dry vegetables. Students also brought some old clothes, toys, shoes, etc. to donate. Everything was collected and taken to the slum area nearby and distributed among people in need.
  4. 10 Feb 2018 Sukhmani Sahib Path and Langar were organized for the staff and students.

Sahodaya Science Exhibition, Hisar

(February 20, 2018)

A Sahodaya Science Exhibition was organized by Army Public School, Hisar on 27th Jan, 2018. More than 15 CBSE Schools from Hisar participated. From Darshan Academy two projects were exhibited in science and mathematics. The science project was titled, “Waterfall Power Generation System” based on a hydro power plant system i.e. generation of electricity by using kinetic energy of water. This project highlighted the advantages of biodiversity conservation, prevention of population migration, avoidance of construction of dams and saving time, capital and labour. The mathematics project was called “Digital Village”. The basic principle behind the project was the development of an Indian village and restricting the migration of youth. This project offered the advantages of purification of environment, movement of foreign currencies in India, sustainable development, skill development of villagers and much more. This project received the award for Best Eco Friendly Project at the exhibition bringing glory for the school.

Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness

(February 20, 2018)

Spiritual Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. A number of activities were organised in the school to mark the celebrations. Special assemblies were facilitated by the students of classes VIII – XI throughout the week in which the inspiring life and spiritual teachings of the great Master, and anecdotes of his selfless service and compassion was shared with all. Students of class IV presented a wonderful play on Selfless Service in the morning assembly. Through the play, they conveyed that one’s selfless acts reflect one’s benevolent nature and love for others. Students of class V organized a Roti Bank for people in need in the community. All the students brought rotis and pickles nicely wrapped in foils. After meditation they went with their teachers to distribute the chapatis. The students felt happy to do this act of service. A few students of classes I – XI along with a group of teachers visited ‘Vaishya Anathalaya’ – an orphanage, and brought gifts of food and badminton racquets. DA students performed certain yoga aasans and skills in skipping, encouraging the children to participate with them in these activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and some of them requested the students to come back again and perform for them. Students of classes VI – VIII made posters and cut outs of hearts with quotes by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, while students of grades I – III prepared greeting cards, cleaned the garden area, watered plants etc. to show their love for nature. In classes VI - VIII, students presented their views in the form of speeches and debates on the given spiritual topics. In classes IX – XI, students shared their experiences where love and kindness played a vital role in tackling a situation or helping them solve a dilemma etc. Thereafter brainstorming sessions were also held for the same. The message imparted to all was crystal clear and many students seemed moved especially during the experience sharing and brainstorming sessions. In all the celebration was a great success.

Farewell and Good Luck Party

(February 20, 2018)

On 3 Feb 2018 a grand farewell for class XII and good luck party for class X was organized by students of classes XI and IX at Darshan Academy Dasuya. The main purpose of the party was to give best wishes to the students who are to appear for board exams. Manrajveer and Drishti from class XI welcomed the Principal, teachers and all the students of classes XII, XI, X and IX. A few games were organized for the students. Mr. Singh, Music teacher sang a beautiful song for the students of XII class. In his address to the students Principal, Mr Gupta wished good luck to the students for their upcoming exams and prayed for their bright future. Towards the end Harmanpreet from class XII delivered the farewell speech. Bhawana and Gurpreet from class X concluded the program with their vote of thanks.

57 Gold Medals at Jump Rope Championship

(February 20, 2018)

Students of Darshan Academy, Meerut participated in the 1st District Jump Rope Championship organized by Jump Rope Association U.P., recognized by U.P. Olympic Association on 04 February, 2018 at J.S. Academy, Meerut. Students of various schools participated in the tournament. In all 27 Meerut Darshanites participated in various individual and team events for different age categories. They lifted the Overall Championship Trophy in their name by winning 57 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals. Seeing the stupendous performance of the young Darshanites in almost all the events, the organizers praised their mentors as well as the students. It was an enriching and motivating experience for all the students.

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