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Mock Drill

(February 10, 2019)

An evacuation drill was conducted at Darshan Academy, Ludhiana, in accordance with the school's disaster management plan. Students, escorted by their teachers, followed instructions to move quickly and not to panic. The entire building was successfully cleared within a 2.5 minute span.

Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness

(February 10, 2019)

Darshan Academies celebrated Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness in February, in honour of the 125th birthday of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. The week included celebrations of kindness, love, and service. Students visited places in the community, like orphanages and slum areas, to distribute needed clothes, toys, and food. Some schools organised a roti bank and a cleanliness rally. The schools also held special assemblies honoring the life of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. Students learned about the idea of passing on acts of kindness. They staged a play showing acts of selfless service. Students expressed their views on kindness and love through songs and poetry. The aim of the week’s celebration was to spread awareness of helping others through love, kindness and service.

Championship Trophy at Badminton Tournament

(February 7, 2019)

LSSC Badminton Tournament was held at Green Land Convent School Civil City Ludhiana from 31st January to 2nd February 2019. Boy and girl teams from Darshan Academy Ludhiana participated in the tournament. With the guidance of their coach the U-19 boys team won the championship trophy of the tournament with a hat-trick! DA Ludhiana Principal congratulated and appreciated the entire team. Congratulations!

Innovative Project by DA Ambala

(February 7, 2019)

Darshan Academy Ambala has taken on a waste management project. One part of the project involves collecting bio-degradable waste materials from the classrooms and placing them into a pit on the school’s property. After a period of time, the soil obtained from these bio-degradable wastes will be highly rich in nutrients and minerals which can then be used as a fertilizer in the school garden. Another part of this project deals with recycling wastes that are non bio-degradable. Students sort them into categories such as glass, paper, metals, etc. and have them sent to local recycling facilities. To easily manage the waste, students are constructing low cost dustbins with four compartments: glass, vegetable, paper, and metals. The purpose of this project is to help students understand the concept of proper waste management techniques. The students in turn motivate other people around their neighbourhoods to use this low cost model of dustbin in their homes.

Parents and Grandparents Day

(February 7, 2019)

Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, the keepers of traditions. Parents and grandparents together keep a family close at heart. To honour them Darshan Academy Dasuya celebrated Parents and Grandparents Day on 2 February 2019. The function began with a warm welcome to all the parents and grandparents as well as the guests of honour, Mr. Lakbir Singh and Captain Jai Singh. Mesmerizing performances were given by students of classes I-IX. The principal, Mr. Rasik Gupta, presented the annual report and related the achievements of the school in the session 2018-19. Meritorious students were given Sant Kirpal Singh Ji scholarship cheques and two of the students, Navpreet Kaur and Amanpreet Singh, participants at the Intercontinental Karate Championship, were honoured with gold and bronze medals respectively. The program was wrapped up by a sincere vote of thanks from the principal and the National Anthem.

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